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Monday, March 2, 2015

The math behind discovering everything that does and even all that does not!

To start with an idea that would seem like a summation of all human knowledge in one single paragraph of understanding, a few assumptions have to be made. At any point if you feel uncomfortable with accepting these assumptions you can feel free to carry on or drop out.  

Assumption 1. There is a finite extent of the universe till which we can probe details into, using the information that has originated from the big-bang and how far it has travelled it has travelled in that time since it originated.

Assumption 2. There is an extent of the universe which is beyond our probing and assimilation, within which (if finite) exists possibilities that cannot be understood by the laws that describe our extent of the universe.

Assumption 3. Within this domain that is unavailable to our grasp, exists every possibility of circumstance and environment. Hence every event that can happen (can be imagined or cannot be imagined) within this domain has  a finite infinitesimal probability of occurring. All the events that cannot occur also have a infinitesimal probability of happening (say P(E)= 1E-50), the probability being so low that it tends to zero(but still isn't zero) in our universal scales.

Suppose you have an engine which runs Assumptions 1 to 3 constantly for an indefinite period, entering the finite region to a domain beyond our reach, it will eventually churn out the entirety of events that can ever be known for the history of time, because of the fact that even if something that had the probability of an event occurring in assumption 3, this machine would make a certainty, It would occur!


  1. In layman's language this is spam churned out of your extreme uselessness and boredom.
    In a scientific language, there's a probability that your hypothesis is correct. Bravo!

    1. well all the assumptions are in the end upto your belief system to be accepted so it depends on what kind of a person is looking at the post that determines which of the two opinions of the ones you mentioned he is more likely to align himself with. Anyhow I appreciate your minimal resonance nonetheless!